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Close to month end

January is about to come to a close and it has been a pretty good month. 11 more to go. It is going to be a 50+ mile month. I would like to have hit 80 but for January I am happy. Most of these miles have been on my dread mill.

Speaking of - I ran 7 miles on it Wednesday. My longest run ever on the mill. Man it was tiring. But I did it. Then I went to log it and found out I wasn't even scheduled to run until the next day.

Tomorrow is the longest run of the month at 13. Can't wait. Trying to hold on for the long run in the winter months. So much easier to run in the spring, summer and fall.

Work is going better. Hired another minion to work for me. Now I have three. This should make my job easier and many, many less hours.

- the beginning of the end

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Lisa said...

I cannot even imagine running 7 on a mill. I'm highly treadmill adverse. I'm also lucky that we don't get much precipitation, so even though it was 25deg when i ran this morning, no ice or snow to deal with outside.

Joanna said...

Good job on the mileage for the month. I cleared 40 and feel good about that. Remember, it's early in the season (this was technically week 1 for me)--if 13 feels like too much right now, that's probably ok.

Ewa said...

My longest TM run to date was 12. Ever since I have not been able to bring myself to run more than 5. That was... 3 years ago.