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10 Miler FAIL

It wasn't quite that bad, but three months off and I wasn't ready for a 10 miler. It was 2 loops, one about 5.5 and one smaller about 4.5. I felt pretty good for the first 3.5 but knew going for the second loop wasn't wise. Next week is only a 9 miler so, it I did not feel too bad about dropping pot. I could run extra by the parking lot and not have to worry about have to walk back.

I made the loop with the group (I ran with the 10 - 10.30 group) and then ran around Centennial High School for a total of 7.11 miles. Legs do not hurt, but they are extremely tired. So for my first week back into running I got 12.36 miles in. I feel good about it.

Next week will be back to more. Scheduled runs of 5, 7 and 9 miles. I just got to get out there and do it.

I also need some running winter clothes. I found that I was overdressed on top. 3 lycra shirts and my wind breaker jacket was just to much at 3 miles in. Gloves do not cut it either. I need mittens. I kept pulling my fingers out of the finger parts. And my BEE U TEE FULL face needs some protection. It was cold. Though eventually the heat and steam escaping from my massive chest (it's my blog - can't I embellish?) warm up my face. I have to look for one of those ski mask things that cover your face and neck. Possibly full length tights as well, though my legs warmed up within a mile and a half. Overall, 5 degrees wasn't too terribly bad.

My supplied training scheduled is different. One week is 3 workouts, the next 4 and so forth. It will be interesting to see what the emails indicate on types of running.

I am happy. 

PS - Yes, Joanna, my marathon wannabe time was NOT by accident. Not in the least. What are running buddies for after all?

- the beginning of the end

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Joanna said...

I'm flattered. I know for a fact that if I can run it, you can run it.

I'm glad you decreased to the 7-mile run instead. Even with a week of solid running, 10 is just a lot of distance to endure right off the bat. You'll get here. Patience!

Ewa said...

Seven miles after 3 months of not running is great. I got injured a couple of times running too far and too fast after recovery. That was not smart.
Running in the cold is challenging. I am always frozen in the beginning and end up undressing after a couple of miles.