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New Year, New You, New Me

Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Hats off to Meatloaf.

If I get the third part of the above title trilogy right maybe meat will rewrite the song. Anyway, it has been a great year so far. I have run everyday but one. And on that day Miss Michaels kicked my ass during some aerobic exercise. Hopefully, friends, lovers, comrades, bloggers alike will keep on me to keep on truckin'. 

So far so good. I am looking forward to a lot this year. Including some serious running. Look for some of the following times to drop (predictions in ( )- 
1 mile -  6.52 (6.30)
5k      - 28.15 (24.48)
5 mile -  47.34 (44.59)
Half marathon - 2.04 (1.59)
Marathon - 4.52 (4.27)

It is going to be a lot of work, but my peeps will keep on my ass until I get it done. I failed the last of the year and they aren't about to let me fail this year. Are you peeps?

I am signed up for the Indy Mini and believe the Quad Cities Marathon may be on list for September. There is also the Rock n Roll half marathon in St. Louis as a close race to do. Kennekuk Road Runners also put on several good races throughout the year. And I will most likely run the 5 mile Buffalo Trace Trail run again. And who knows what else I may run.

Getting the TV room of the house in order – finally. It is ready for drywall mud, then primer, paint and wainscoting.  Think about green, dark green, but not totally convinced yet. Got awhile to think about colors, being color-blind I might seek help on that. 

Not much going on at the farm now that it is winter. Just staying warm and slowly working on things inside. This summer will bring lots. I got an ATV and snow thrower to fix. Maybe a boat. I plan on setting on an obstacle course to run through with fun things to do. Climb over obstacles, through heavy stones, pick logs, pull ups. Cool shit like that.

Here’s to a Good, New Year to you and to me.

-          The beginning of the end

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Joanna said...

I'll harass as long as you promise to respond to harassment. Cause otherwise it's just me griping at you. Even though I'm not planning to run RnR (at least at this point), you should definitely still come down for it. We can put you up for the night and cheer for you. And, uh, that 4:27 marathon prediction is a little suspicious. Did you think I wouldn't notice??

twentysixish said...
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Meredith said...

You are ambitious! I am going to train for and run a half this year. I can barely run 3 miles right now! Its so painful being out of shape. I don't have a blog but I have you and Joanna in my Google reader so you guys can motivate me with tales of your extensive/amazing training runs.

Tony "the big fat loser" said...

Yay Mikey! Don't overdue it!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Way to great this year going! I'll be tuned into the blog to read about your progress.