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Marathon, marathon, wherefore art thou?

Well, which marathons should I run this year? With so many awesome ones to run it is a tough decision. I try to run them in different states. Not because I think I can do 50 states, but because.... well just maybe so why not. But it also gives my a chance to run in different parts of the good ole US of A.

A friend of mine is trying to get back into shape and running in general and he has decided on the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis. I agreed to run it with him. I was considering Country Music, but St. Jude is a good cause. That takes care of Tennessee.

I have a friend in St. Louis so I have been considering an inaugural marathon. Though Missouri was taken care of miserably last October (Lewis and Clark - which the Running Doc preformed admirably), I am thinking of a mulligan and doing it over. Rock n Roll bought out that marathon and is putting on an extravaganza in October.

I have another friend in Savannah where Rock n Roll is having another inaugural marathon as well. It just seems doing something the first time would be awesome. I have been to Georgia (never Savannah) and it is some pretty country. It should be an awesome run through some beautiful southern neighborhoods.

There is always the Illinois marathon here in town. I did run it the first year. I could always do it again as it is a local event. It is flat and fast (for the fast runners, not me). Brittany Spears, oh sorry. Got distracted.

A friend of mine is running the Martian half marathon April 2. I could always drive up there and do the full. I think I might be in shape to complete it without hurting myself (I have a scheduled 20-22 mile run the next day). But a 6.5 hour drive back doesn't seem real appealing (and the hotel - though the gas may cost more).

I also have a friend in Florida now and a few relatives. Though those would probably have to be towards the end of the year or early next year.

And to confuse and confound even a little more, Indiana and Iowa both have marathons that are close by as well.

So, I count 8 marathons. Not bad for a year. 4 more and I could be a Marathon Maniac - Gold level. Crazy talk there Sybil. You better watch the tongue of yours.

Noe to decide on which marathons. St. Jude is in. Who else wants to step up the the plate? This is going to hurt and require a lot of work on my part. Hell, a lot of work on my friends as well. They are the ones going to have to keep me motivated, keep me moving, keep on keeping me trucking. but I have faith in them. In person, by email, by blog, I rely on them more than they realize. Sounds like a helicopter at the airport again. They are the ones that make me a better runner and person. All of you take a bow.

Ok, it is decided. The marathons that are in (and maybe a secret one not listed below).
Rock n Roll - St. Louis
Rock n Roll - Savannah
St. Jude - Memphis

What a trip it could be. Now to save some money.

- the beginning of the end

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Meredith said...

For 2012, I highly recommend the Mardi Gras Rock n Roll in New Orleans :)

I'm considering Savannah as well.

Joanna said...

Woooohooooo!!! So glad RnR StL is in the list! If I don't run it with you, you know I'll be there cheering you on from as many cheer spots as I can cover in the 4:27 it's going to take you to finish. :)

Allison said...

wow! Three is one season. You're awesome!

Paul said...

You cound try the Fox Valley Marathon in St. Charles, IL which had their inaugural last year and had rave reviews.

Running Around Acres said...

@Meredith - Mardi Gras should definitely be on the 2012 list. Maybe I could borrow a couch?

@Joanna - 4.27 huh? Maybe 4.27.22? That's wishful, but maybe.

@Paul - Probably not, but thanks. I really want to run in other states. But you never know. It is close.

Tony "the big fat loser" said...

Go RAA! Your biggest fan (literally?) says good luck. 4:27 totally doable.