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Week wrapup

Not a bad week in running world. Only 18miles but still ok. It was a cutback week. Next week has bigger mileage including the long run of 18 miles on Sunday.

Weather is starting to turn for the better here in central illinois. That makes it good for outdoor running. The new running club I have been meeting with one the weekends is one big club. Especially the half marathon group. Huge.

"once I get my hooks into a woman she never gets free"
"like ringworm?"
"if you like."

LOL!!! Watching "How to lose friends and alienate people". That scene was funny.

Back to blogging, sorry for the interuption. Oh shit, that was funny too.

Scheduled runs for the week -
M7/W10/F6/S18 = 41
my biggest ever in my life. WOW!!

Also, I noticed that I have crossed the 1000 mile plateau since using I crossed that on Saturday. It only took 3 years of my sometime running. Maybe the second 1000 won't take another 3 years.

Hopefully in the next few days I will have a hint at an unexpected idea that feel into my brain earlier today. As my friends would say - an idiocy of an idea. Maybe, not.

- the beginning of the end

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Tony "the big fat loser" said...

hope you have a great week!

Joanna said...

Yeah, but it's never been clear whether you put all your runs on runningahead. Yes? No? I've never been able to tell. Congrats, regardless though.

41 miles--crazy, awesome! I hit 30 this past week and that was a new record for me. Good luck!!