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Wednesday Wonderings

I was up most of the night importing 28,000+ loans for work so pretty much felt like shit this morning.
Hence no morning run.
Therefore, feeling sorry for myself I had McD's.
That was bad.
Worked suck.
No communication again.
How to fix it?
Hell if I know.
Left work a whole 30 minutes early.
Really windy at home.
Extremely tired from no sleep.
Forced myself to plug in the treadmill.
Actually hopped on it.
Got back off and got water.
Turned on treadmill.
Ran 10k.
In 56.55.
Not bad.
Feel better now.
Still tired, but restful.
Eating pizza.
Then watching V.
And too bed.

- the beginning of the end

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Joanna said...

I was going to ask how the running was going now that the Challenge had passed. Glad you coerced yourself into getting on the 'mill.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a mortgage product, hang in there!