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The old gang (partially)

I got an email last night about some of the old gang getting together at Lake of the Woods. I wasn't decided. I wasn't decided when I woke up this morning. I also did not run my scheduled Friday run (5 miles). Work, personal just couldn't get out of the house to run. Sunday is my last scheduled run of the week (16 miles)

The end of the Challenge.

I got up, rolled over, got up again. I decided to see some of the old gang. I got there early figuring I run my 16 today and then hopefully use Sunday to make up my Friday run. I ran the trail out there. A 5 mile hilly grass course with several water crossings. The first one was nice.

The third one was hard.  But I did it. 16 miles on my own. I rock.

The gang was still at Hen House when I finished and I met them there. It was a good time and the chocolate milk was cold. Sweeeet!!!

The Running Doc completed her scheduled runs successfully this week. Let's see if she runs any extra on Sunday. I feel good this week. About my running.

Next week is a kick back one.
T6, T8, S12

- the beginning of the end

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Joanna said...

Congrats! I'm really impressed with the 16 miler. That's a lot to do by yourself. And with that, you won the challenge! I completed my 29 miles for the week, but I think you're over that at this point, no? So, congrats!

Running Around Acres said...

Unless Sunday counts as a running day you win. I missed my Friday run of 5 miles.

TNTcoach Ken said...

You two are kicking some butt!