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Challenge - Day 3

Running Doc got her scheduled run in earlier today. I had a 9 mile EZ run scheduled for today that would have put me a few miles ahead of her. Let's go to Webster for the definition of easy.

Webster says - causing or involving little difficulty or discomfort. And to me that means a 10 to 10.30 pace. Unfortunately my body likes rebel against my brain. And brain is kind of a wimp and gives in. 

Warmup - 9.05.79 - too fast
Mile 2 - 8.39.05 - wtf!!!
Mile 3 - 9.30.35 - water break adds an extra 30 seconds, but I am pleased
Mile 4 - 8.51.68 - impressive
Mile 5 - 9.25.77 - getting dark - had to slow down to read street signs
Mile 6 - 8.57.22 - rebound for last mile

Total - 55.04/9.08 pace

I could have continued. I was tired but not beat. I made not have continued on a 9 minute pace. I was also a STUPID runner. It would have been very dark before I finished and I wore dark clothes. How dumb is that? So after 6 back in the parking lot at car the I grabbed water and called it quits. A hard 6 = an EZ 9. 

I am still happy. 

Challenge total - 6.1 + 6.0 = 12.1

Now I have to lay a disclaimer - the Challenge really isn't about who runs more (the Running Doc is likely to get out at 11pm just to grab an extra 5) but more about getting my lazy, slug-like ass off the couch. I actually have more miles scheduled for the week than she does, but I am far better at skipping runs or shortening them. Tonight's run.... but I am glad for the Challenge and super happy than the Running Doc has got my back  and keeping me going. 

- the beginning of the end

P.S. - Boo to the BAA that is lowering qualifying times for slow middle aged runners like me.

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Joanna said...

You know I have your back! do have part of a mile on me at this point. This week isn't over yet. I'm coming for you. Bwhahaha.

Yeah, and BOO for the BAA....although that wasn't in my sites anyway, and I totally understand why they did it.