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This morning at 6 am was one of the hardest decisions I have made in my short life span. I listened to a great friend and advisor and did not go race. Thank you DJ. I should probably listen to you more. But sometimes I am not that smart.


It was hard, heart breaking and sad. But in the end, it is the right decision. I did not train enough. I coached my people well and they will do well today. I expect many of them to set personal records today. But it was not to be for me. I have barely run this year. If I had been signed up for the half - I would have run. But not the full. Not today. And the fault is all mine.

But the plan is to change that. Now to make the plan reality.

In no particular order - (all halfers)
JG - 2.01
AM - 1.51
RH - 2.40
DA - 2.35
MB - 2.05
PJ - 2.12
ML - 2.29

Congrats to all of you for your dedication to body, mind and soul. Have a great race.

-the beginning of the end

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Lisa said...

It sounds like a smart decision. There will be other races for times when you DO train enough

Marlene said...

That's a tough call to make but it sounds like it was the right one. There will be another one.

Congrats to your team!

Ewa said...

Last year I did not run my marathon because of flu. That DNS bugged me for way too long. Hope you can be smarter than I was and cry a little and then just move on.
You will be better prepared for the next marathon. Have you picked one yet? :)

JoannaRuns said...

It was a smart decision, and I hope that DNS will motivate you to train your little heart out for L&C.

We got a PR for Meg today, and I am so proud of her for it!

Damaris said...

L&C is calling your name, Coach! I'm seriously considering running it with JG. :) Keep looking ahead to the next one. I got a PR today too - official chip time: 2:30:03!!