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Illinois Marathon Recap

Well it is over. And all my people did well. One even ran a PR by almost 30 minutes. Seriously? Yes, he has been practicing hard and all that hard work has paid off. Way to go Randy. You were the best of the best.

Not to take away from from any other the efforts - everyone did well. I am proud of all of my people. They are all true athletes.

And I stand by my decision not to run. It was definitely the right decision. And due to that I ran tonight when I got home. I did not have to force myself. I left work, came home change and immediately went for a 5k. I started easy (or so I thought) and ran into the wind, turned south of a mile turned around and came home. It was hard on the way back.For some reason the cross wind seemed twice as hard. I had not meant to run hard just easy - 9.30 - 10 minute pace, but Greenie (my Gaermin) told me otherwise.

3.11 miles
26m 43s
8.36 pace

A new RunningFirst world record.

Thank you, thank you very much.

Now for a little sobering news. I had friends head to Nashville for the weekend. Remember Nashville? Rain. Flooding. Yes. From leaving downtown back to their hotel at I24 and Bell Road they got stopped in traffic. Thinking a wreck ahead Tony walks up and see water on the the road. Walking a hundred yards back to his car water is now coming up through the drain areas on the bridge they were on. About 90 seconds later water was coming in the closed car doors. They hoofed it 2miles back up the road in knee deep water with 3 kids. All are safe. Car is totaled. This video is where they were. About 50 yards behind the floating mobile home.

On another note a few of my peeps have laid down a challenge, slapped me in the face with gloves, told me to man up - ok, it was just mentioned. But it does appear that the Lewis and Clark marathon will be the next marathon. I will train with them, though we will be miles apart. But GAME ON!!!! Gangsterettes Damaris and Joanna beware. I WILL train.

I have signed up.

On another note, I am laying down a small gauntlet to help us stay together and keep running - Buffalo Trace 5 mile trail run at Lake of the Woods.  I'll sign up for it soon. Let's stay together through our blogs and FB.

-the beginning of the end

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JoannaRuns said...

you are ON.

Damaris said...

Aw, hell yeah! Lewis & Clark it is! :)

Marlene said...

Congrats to your team, and great job on the speedy 5K!

Glad to hear you're signed up for another marathon.

Lisa said...

great job on your 5K

that nashville flooding is scary!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Ah, the plot thickens! That flooding is incredible. I always wondered how the cars became engulfed and that answers my question.