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As I Sit Here

I am wanting. - a: not being up to standards or expectations - b: lacking in ability or capacity

I had an invite to go run this morning at LOW with a few of my TNT girls. MM's last run at LOW as she is moving to LA next Thursday. And one of a handful of runs left for JG, as she is moving to St. Louis this summer. It was kind of a bittersweet run.

"I have dream, A song to sing, To help me cope, With anything, If you see the wonder, Of a fairy tale, You can take the future, Even if you fail."

We started out fast. Really fast. No one had a watch but we are all thinking under 9 minute pace for the first 2.4 miles. MM's knee was acting so up JG and I ran another 1.8 on our own. At a much more pedestrian pace. That's funny saying that here as we were talking about how the Olympians who were accused of running part of the Olympic marathon at a pedestrian 5.15 pace.

"Slipping through my fingers all the time."

I will miss those girls. They pushed me to be a better runner and possibly a better person. I learned a lot from them and hopefully, I was able to teach them a thing or two as well. I hope we keep in touch through FB or respective blogs. I will need them to push me, to chastise me, to encourage me to keep running. I kind of lack that motivation to keep going on my own though I truly want too.

"The gods may throw a dice, Their minds as cold as ice, And someone way down here, Loses someone dear."

My next race is a short 5 mile trail run for anyone that wants to come by and see just how exhausted, but elated, I am after running. It will be at LOW as well. We start on the far west side at the beginning of the trail-head.

"Gonna do my best, And it ain't no lie, If you put me to the test, If you let me try... Take a chance on me."

So, I got to keep moving and keep running. June 1 will be 16 weeks to the start of the Lewis and Clark marathon. I will be posting three different training schedules later all based on three different finishing times.

"And my destination, Makes it worth the while, Pushing through the darkness, Still another mile, I believe in angels, Something good in everything I see."

It is a race, a challenge, a workout to get in shape. To make this marathon the best one ever. I have high hopes of making it a successful one.

"And you make me talk, And you make me feel, And you make me show, What I'm trying to conceal, If I trust in you, Would you let me down?" I sit here I am wanting

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Kelly D. said...

Good Luck on your Marathon Coach Mike! :)
Keep pushing on!

Damaris said...

You're gonna do great! We'll all be here (via the internets) to crack the whip and keep you motivated.