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Training Schedules and Life

What do they have in common? Both are hard and hurtful. But I think the training schedule will be easier - much easier. I will put up 2 schedules in separate posts. One for a 4 hour marathon and one for a 4.15 hour marathon. If anyone wants one for a 4.30, let me know.

Life on the other hand is tough. Hard. Surprising. Hurtful. Unexpected. Disappointing. Maybe that will change in a few weeks. But my Florida trip has been approved, so that is still on. Anyone want to go?

- the beginning of the end

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Damaris said...

I'm jealous about your Florida trip! When are you going?

Ewa said...

I am finding often that life gets in the way of training and vice versa.
OK, I will go to Florida. I would have to postpone my life to do so. :)