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The Oracle and 5 mile trail run

Saturday was the Second Wind Running Club's 5 Mile Buffalo Trace trail run at LOW. It started out as a fantastic morning but the fog cleared and the sun did its thing bringing in the humidity. It was wet. Not just the ground, but all 188 finishers. It was still a good run with friends.

I fell apart during the run (what's new). I ran 47:36.5, 14 seconds slower than last year. JG hung back with me for awhile, but I eventually convinced her to go on. Thank you JG for the time chatting. It helped for a bit. AM blistered the course to secure a 3rd place trophy in her age group. Next year I see her and JG battling for it as by then JG will move into that age group. The smack down is coming.

We all had a great breakfast at Panera and some wonderful conversation. Then it was back to the farm for me to wrap myself back into my cocoon. Back to some obscure safety.

Next Saturday will be the last group run for DA as she gets ready to move away for summer school. What's up with all these kids wanting all this education. LOL!!! It is awesome they are doing it. I'd go back if I could afford it.

Today (Sunday), I put up fence and shoveled a lot of sand for my Hookers. Got a little sun in the process. They now have their pool up if anyone wants to go down and enjoy it next weekend.

I almost have my front room cleaned up. I cannot believe how much of a hoarder I was. Why didn't anyone tell me? Just a little bit left and to go though the file cabinet. I wish now I had a before picture. It is a major difference. I have a stack of magazine almost 4 feet high to discard. And, yes, I read all of them at some time in the past.

Not much else is new, just awaiting word of my future. It isn't held in the palm of my hand any longer. I used to hold half my future in my hand and gladly shared the other half. That is no longer the case. I see my future, possibly depending on a near future decision/outcome/cosmic event, being entirely different than I did at the first of the year when it was bright and carefree. I hope what I see only partially comes true. All I can do is await the Oracle's advice. Here's to hoping she has pity on me.

It is a hot one here today (92 degrees). I am looking forward to cooler weather already. Or someone to rub ice on my temples. Takers? Thought not.

Til next time my reading and running friends.

-the beginning of the end

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Marlene said...

Nice job on the 5-miler!

I'm with you on wanting cooler weather already. This weekend has been scorching.

TNTcoach Ken said...

92ยบ???? That's not even good drinking weather! I'm not going to complain about the weather anymore.