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Lunch time run

My first ever lunch time run was today at noon. Hence the title of this post. It was probably low 60s and just a little wind out of the east (which always seemed to be uphill).

I ran on concrete in some old shoes. I had a banana for breakfast at 7 am. But I ran anyway.


Because I am slower than the people I am coaching. And because I was in better shape 2 years ago.

So I mapped out a looping 5k around the area I work at. It was tough because the the walking path was very winding.

I made in 26.58 for the 5k. That is an 8.42 pace. I believe this is my faster time for a 5k.

I am pleased.

-the beginning of the end

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TNTcoach Ken said...

You think Ryan Hall's coach is faster than him???? I love lunch time runs.............

JoannaRuns said...

That's a great 5k time! Nicely done, coach!

Lisa said...

well, you're way faster than me. maybe you can be my coach. (actually my coach is way faster than both of us) :-)

Damaris said...

Way to get it done! :) Way better than my 5k time.

Marlene said...

I like Ken's comment!

Great job on the lunch run.