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Wednesday run and the Weekend

Track was closed on Wednesday for much needed repairs. After getting together late our small (but fast) group started a short 3 mile run. Down, right,right, right, left, left, right, right, left, left, left to start. Pretty nice. I complained it was too fast, then JG did, then on the last mile the three ladies sped up. Then MM sped up for the last half meaning I had to catch up since I was timing everyone. Jeesh, Sometimes I do not think they remember that I a man (and therefore not as capable), a coach (and not a runner) and 17-20 years older.
Times for splits - 1) 9.40, 2) 9.29, 3) 8.56 and another 3/10 for 3.32 miles in 30.57 (9.20 pace).

But I perservered for them. Again. And slept better than a baby that night (I mean, who sleeps like a bay, don't they wake up every few hours wanting fed). I digress. It was a good run. By the time I got home (after stopping at the office to update some software), I was completely rested and dry.

In our 1000 mile challenge, I am not doing so well. I hope to someday pick up the slack and get after it.
Name           Distance
AllisonM      305.6
damarisAge  300
DDGuest     31.1 
johnsonht     1000
jpg05           210.7
RunningFirst 77.1    <-- ME

77 miles for 25% of the year. I got a lot of humping to do. But if I put my feet to the pavement, I can probably make it respectful.

I got a friend in China right now that saw a light, fire and sound show over a lake last night. Mentioned that it was pretty awesome. Can't wait to see the pictures. Maybe they will get emailed to me.

My birthday is Sunday. I expect to spend it alone. Hopefully, a few text messages to brighten the day. That's it for now.

-the beginning of the end

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Yeah, you had better get your butt in gear with those miles! I plan to pick up my mileage also and try not to get injured.... Happy B-Day!