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Fit Test

Since the Illinois marathon is less than 2 weeks away, I thought it best to start getting in shape. I did a simply fit test that simply killed me. I thought I would go run 5 miles afterwards - not sure I could run out of a burning house now.

A warm up , 8 exercises and a cool down. How tough could it be? Tough. I challenge all to try it. Of course, you will all beat me because I am an old out of shape man.

Warm up - 5 minutes total.

  • Jog in place - 60 seconds
  • Jumping jacks - 30 sec
  • Heisman jumps - 30 sec (jump left in a Heisman pose, then jump right in a Heisman pose)
  • Double step Heisman - 30 sec (as above except take two quick steps left, pose, 2 right pose)
  • Butt kicks - 30 sec
  • High knees - 30 sec
  • Mummy kicks - 30 sec (arm scissoring in front of you at shoulder level, kicking straight out)
  • Stretching - 60 sec (quads, hamstrings, hip flexors)
Each exercise last 60 seconds with a 60 second rest in between.
1. Switch Kicks - Simply kick each leg straight out in front of you bringing knees up to waist. Hold hands up by chin. Each leg counts as one.
2. Power Jacks - Start arms up over head, legs together. Jump like doing a jumping jack but come down in a squat and back up. 
3. Power Knees - slight lunge position to the side. Bring back knee up to belly button while meeting your hands.
4. Power Jumps - Slight squat position and power jump up bringing knees up to waist. 
5. Globe Jumps - Squat position, hands on floor. Jump up to the left, arms over head, come down touch floor and jump up and back, then right, the forward. That is one.
6. Suicide Jumps - Standing up, down to squat, legs back into a plank (push up), legs back between arms and power up in to a jump. One repetition.
7. Push Up Jacks - Get in push up position as you lower yourself, spread you legs wide. On the way up bring legs back together.
8. Low Plank Oblique - Start in a low plank and bring your left knee up to waist from the side, then repeat with the right.

Light stretching and deep breathing for your cool down

Absolutely tough routine for me. I am do to the fit test every two weeks to map my results. Maybe I will get a short jog in tonight, but probably not. And the true test - let's see how long this lasts. Can I even make it the two weeks for the second test?

My numbers right? Is that what you want? Ok. 70,31,55,30,6,13,11,23

I also want to put out kudos to two of our local TNT athletes that just ran Boston. Harley ran a 2.37 and Chris ran a 3.05. Both have qualified to run Boston again. Chris actually ran Boston faster than his qualifying time last year in the Illinois marathon. Congrats on an excellent race to both of you.

-the beginning of the end

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JoannaRuns said...'re doing the full marathon then?

Running Around Acres said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Running Around Acres said...

Still undecided. Have to see how the week goes.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, a true athlete can do a full at the drop of a hat! You old guys are tough....... ha

Marlene said...

That sounds like one intense test! I wouldn't be able to walk after that.