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A Coach's Sacrifice

A coach is a friend, a hard worker, a planner and a strategist. He will push you into and through your pain and congratulate you after you have come through it. He will yell at you, implore you to dig deeper. He will also (well at least the best coaches) will run with you. He will run into the wind for you while staring at a stopwatch to get your perfect splits. This requires extreme dexterity, commitment and a grave risk of injury to do so.

This I do for my people.

This is why I sacrifice. For you. My athletes.

JG came out and ran into a very brisk wind with the threat of the sky opening up at any minute. I ran with her. I pushed her. I encouraged her. And she performed. 3 x 1600m with decreasing splits due to my coaching ability. As DC likes to say JG is a 'gangsta'.

But seriously, JG ran great. 8.04, 7.54, 7.48. Great decreasing times. Job well done.

-the beginning of the end

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Lisa said...

Great job, coach. I love it when my coach does that for me. I'm sure JG really appreciated it too

Damaris said...

in-freakin-credible. she's a rockstar. and so are YOU!!! i miss you, coach!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Great job Coach!

Marlene said...

Way to go, Coach!

JoannaRuns said...

I love that this is how this went down. You even almost convince me that there is "grave risk of injury." Love it. :)

Ok but seriously, it was a great workout. Thanks for pacing me!

prashant said...

I'm sure JG really appreciated it too
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