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Saturday run

This mornings run at LOW was pretty good. I tried to keep up with JG and MM but it was no use. It was all I could do to stay close for the first 2.4 miles. Oh well, those who can't - coach. Right??

But I stuck for the 90 minute run and got 8 miles in. I feel pretty good except for a twinge on the inside of my right knee. Both calves are tired and my right calf bone is hurting. I hope it goes away soon.  but it was good getting out and seeing Coach Guest and PJ and RH/JH. The full marathon coming up in 4 weeks is going to be miserable if I decide to toe the line.

On another note, the new job is going fine. The weather is warming up slowly (possibly 70 by Wed) and the new baby goats are growing. But time to sell the other set of twins and get some cash for them. Think it is time for laundry and dishes and then veg on the coach.

Personally things are looking brighter than they did on Tuesday so hopefully no more sad commentary.

-the beginning of the end

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Lisa said...

good job on the run. hopefully the ankle twinge was nothing concerning

TNTcoach Ken said...

Hey, what are you saying about us coaches??? Ha, I have runners that I can keep up with, so I use the car! Listen to those twinges............