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A better day

Monday night and Tuesday all the day were pretty piss poor as days go. Today was an eye-opener. I learned a lot and listened. Hopefully the weekend will continue this trend and I'll be walking on sunshine.

Enough about me. Wednesday was track practice with JG and MM out for 2 x 1600m. I don't have the times (left them with JG - check her blog here) but they had to be running 7.40s. MM on the last 400 killed and poured it on. As DC says 'gangsta'. Hope to see them Saturday for a short 90 minute run.

Alright, off to clean a horse stall and feed the goats. Life in the country. It is great.

-the beginning of the end

Yes, it was 3 x 1600m 

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TNTcoach Ken said...

LOL. You getting 'gangsta in one of your post, too funny....

JoannaRuns said...

THREE x 1600m--awesome workout! And this morning was wind-blown, but a good time. Good stuff! I'll bring you some better Gatorade next week.