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New Job and Interview

I have been on the job for 2.5 days. There is a lot of work to do. I have to interview people and find someone to replace me. I know, tough job because of my vast knowledge, experience and awesome people skills. Hey, it's my blog, I can say what I want. Interviewed one potential candidate today. It went well, I think they could do well once brought up to speed from a server viewpoint. We'll see if they take it. They should.

On the other hand, I have a laundry list of items to complete by the end of July. This is a lot of work. Guess what, I'm just going to pass it off to others and have them do the work. LOL !!!

Tonight is track practice for TNT. One of my girls was complaining that she was sore after my last practice, but that it felt oh so good. I like hearing that I made people sore - means you are doing as I suggest. And not many do. Tonight is a run that can be as hard as you want it to be or as easy as you want it to be. Here's the set -

5 x (2 min fast then 2 min slow)
plus the normal warm up and cool down. That's it! 40 minutes of constant running. Push it and it will be a workout. Slack on it and I'm gonna yell at you.

-the beginning of the end

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Yay for track workouts! It's got to be difficult to replace a legend(in his own mind).........ha