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First outdoor run

Saturday - 7:30 am or so - 35 degrees - bright, sunny day. Perfect day for my first outdoor run. It was great. It was fantastic for the first mile. And then the M-S baseball team showed up and then - my inner running god (or maybe my inner 'I'm just as good as these kids are') spirit rose up from my toes and grabbed my balls and said "Go old man, just catch those kids, after all they're only baseball players."

So I sped up and caught about 25% of them. That took a lot out of me, but I continued on, albeit at a much slower pace, for 6 miles. My first run in forever. It felt good. My legs still feel pretty good. Maybe I should try this running thing again.

We had several alums show up this morning as well. It was great seeing everyone again. Hopefully, all of us will keep getting together.

Wednesday track practice was awesome as well. JG, MM,RH and CH were all there. JG and MM running 8 x 400m in around 1.40. Good job girls.

Farm news - I got two new baby goats this afternoon. Both are walking and taking momma teets very well. Pictures later.

-the beginning of the end

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Lisa said...

Yay for outside running!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Grabbed what????? Ha, catch those baseball players.....