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This week and next is pre-training for me. It means I need to run to get ready for the boost in mileage I will be doing. My official training for the L&C starts the week of June 14. So I thought, what a 5 mile run at 4.30pm in 89 degree heat and 72% humidity (that I found out later). Crazy!!!

I was originally going to go 6. At 2.5 I turned around. I had already slowed my sweating down and was starting to cramp. I only had one glass of H2O today. It was a bad day at work and I had no one to sound off too. That really sucked as I needed a good ear.

But I finished. Ate a good dinner for a change. And am starting to feel a little better. Tomorrow is track practice.  I haven't decided between 1600 or 800m repeats. Or maybe I will run with the TNT team. Play it by ear and see what happens. My calves are talking to me a little bit. Better slug down some water before bed.

-the beginning of the end

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Marlene said...

Defiitel yget guzzling on that water! My runs are always awful if I have not had enough throughout the day.

Lisa said...

Have you tried Nuun for days like that? I haven't had cramping since I started using it...