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Monday Run and Afterthoughts

or maybe afterthoughts and Monday run...

It's been a week since my last blog. And a few things have happened. Work finally approved Florida trip, but then kaboshed the orignal dates and length. I now leave a week later and am there for one week instead of two. Meaning I have to work the frackin weekend. What a drag. I will also missed the fireworks over the Gulf of Mexico (though that may be a good thing now with it flammable. Thx BP).

This weekend (Saturday) is the bonfire at the farm. Should be a good time with lots of friends. I invited all my FB friends though I expect most to not make it. I know at least one guitar will be here so maybe a little fireside music. Hope to see everyone there.

As you know I have entered the Lewis and Clark marathon and have started running again. Last Wednesday was an all out track workout. Short, but intense. 1200/800/400/200/100 It hurt the next day. And I am not even close to world record pace in the 100m. But they aren't twice as fast as me. :o)

I also started a pull/push up routine in the mornings. I installed a pull up bar in the closet and it works pretty well. I am able to do full pull ups, lying pull ups and angle (Australian) pull ups. Of course, I went to failure in each and now my arms are screaming at me as well. I am going to reduce the number of reps to a manageable number and increase by one a week. Hopefully, I will increase easily and not painfully.

Running is going. Not as quickly as I would like but it is going. Saturday I got 'lightninged out' of my run. It poured which would have been ok but those bright flashes of light in the sky scared me. I opted for eggs and pancakes with the Running Doc's family instead. We talked about running, about their upcoming move, her finding running friends down there, my issues (far too many to list) and her return to running. I do not remember if I mentioned it but two weeks ago the Running Doc had an emergency appendectomy. This was after running a 5 mile trail race. She raced at 8 am and was having surgery at 7 pm.

After the rain went away, I went down to the lake and boated with a few friends. It was nice to get away. Sunday was make it day for Saturday in the running department and it lasted about 8.6 miles. Not too bad.

Today, I went for a short 3.5 mile run after an accidental nap after work. Got home at 4.15 and next thing I knew it was 6.15. the run was nice until my left thigh started acting up again. It is not as bad as it was, I think it is healing. Wednesday is track workouts again so we will see how they go. The new TNT team should be out there. It will be great to be run with others again.

-the beginning of the end

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JoannaRuns said...

I'm happy to see you racking up some pre-training miles. Breakfast Saturday was fun, although I did miss running.

I'm planning to come on Wednesday, but will likely do an "easy" track workout. Today was great, but I'm not there yet.