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Trust me

I really am trustworthy. I am sure I have lied at some point in my life. At times probably on purpose as a little kid cause I was rotten as a little kid. But I try not too. Why go on about this? Because I forgot my Garmin on my first L&C training run. I was bummed. I almost went home to get it, I almost did not run.

But I did run.

I am happy I ran.

I have no idea of I ran the correct tempo for the middle 2 miles that was scheduled, but I am saying yes. Scheduled run was supposed to be 2 easy, 2 @ 9.13, 2 easy. I averaged a 9.37 pace for the entire 6 miles. I am pleased. Trust me - the time isn't made up.

Now why did I run so well? Not real sure. My day was spent in a training class (Microsoft stuff) and it was kind of mind numbing (tomorrow will be meatier and better). But, I fixed issues at work. Got disappointed in how some things were handled at work. Chatting a little and got some clarity in a few other issues.

I think that clarity put me in a state of mind I needed to be in to run well. I ran very relaxed, very easy. I replayed the day as I ran. I was more at peace than I have been in awhile. The partial clarity was good for me. Trust me - I am not fully clear, but more so.

Apparently, it poured here in CU after 4 pm. I was told 1.4 inches in a small town about 5 miles east of me. My rain gauge said 1.6 inches. I really am afraid to look in my basement. The Running doc my have her house sold, which will be a big weight off her and her hubby's shoulders as they prepare to move LATER this month. She has not gone yet. I was soundly chastised for writing her out of the state several days early. Trust me - she is still here.

I have a daughter-in-law today. Jake and Tiffany exchanged vows and got married today. I was saddened that I couldn't be there (it was just a courthouse marriage). They will have a proper ceremony later that I will be able to attend. Trust me - I wish them the best.

Tomorrow will be another training day. It should be a non-run day (you never know, I might venture out). It will be a pull-up day though. maybe some other type of core workout. But I am hoping for a day as good as today. Trust me - today was a good.

Trust me - I trust you.

- the beginning of the end

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Marlene said...

Congrats to your son on his marriage and great job on the tempo run!

JoannaRuns said...

Your post made me smile. The blog banter is just that--banter, in good fun. I do hope you know that. I'm glad your tempo run went so well, although I have to admit I have NO idea how you ran that fast in this weather. I ran yesterday but only kept the 9:15 pace for one mile, then slowed down a little. Congrats on your son's marriage! A big day, indeed.

Running Around Acres said...

@ J - it was only a wet heat. LOL. Not sure how I kept it either but I went back and remeasured (in the car, with AC on). I really think the small peace of mind I got helped tremendously.

And yes, our banter is just that - banter. No malice meant and no malice has ever been percieved on my part.