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Damn, I wish you....

You can google it.

Wednesday was track practice. How I am beginning to loathe track practice. I fully understand why it is good for me. I understand the need for it. But I really dislike how I feel for the next two hours afterwards. Tired, beyond belief, almost want to puke, ready to throw it all in. But then I get a little something to eat and I eventually feel better. Times like that is when I need a personal 'you did great texter buddy'. Usually the Running Doc is there to pat my back but... she's been busy packing. Though Coach Harley, Kelly and AM did cheer me on and clap. Feels good to have a cheering section. But also, a little electronic pat on the back feels good later. I'm just needy that way.

Mile repeats for track. My 4.30 schedule called for running them in 8.40. Piece of cake. I knew I could do it in close to 8 flat. So I ran, one lap - 1.51, lap 2 - 1.55, lap 3 - 1.54, what gives, but ok, lap 4 - 1.52 for an 7.33.95 mile (1600m). Fast. Too fast. Let's slow down a little on the next one.

Mile 2 - 7.34.99. Whew! Good thing I slowed down a little over a second. I felt much better. Yeah, right. The last one was going to be a bitch and it was - 7.47.37. And I just felt bad. Good thing there was not another one.

After cooling down, I needed something to eat. If I went home, I probably would have had a glass of Powerade and gone to bed. Off to The Clark Bar for some good food and a little live entertainment. A little one woman band. Played some Jewel, Norah Jones, Allanah Myles and self wrote numbers. She's good. She's aslo has some type of gadget that let's her record muliple back beats, tambourine and vocals and then loop it and play it over and over while she sings and strums the meat of the tune. It was kind of cool.

So a simple night, early night. Off to bed and back to Springfield for another day of class. It is starting to drag now, but only today and Friday and I am done with it.

On a brighter note, Saturday is th Warrior Dash race in Joilet. I am still looking for someone to go with and take some pictures and video for me. Any takers? Hint, hint, hint....

Tip of the hat to Sophie B. Hawkins

- the beginning of the end

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Marlene said...

Nice work at the track! Mile repeats are brutal and those are some awesome splits.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Dude, where did this speed come from????? We had our track workout and everyone is getting stronger and faster also. Yeah, I hate the feeling when you close to puking and can't get enough air! Ah the good life.....

Running Around Acres said...

Marlene - Thanks and they are awful but I dislike 1000s even more.

Ken - Speed I have no idea. I can't wait for the atamina/endurance to get there though and continue that pace for 26.2

Marlene said...

Hey - to answer your question, these do not MOVE! If they fit properly (super snug) they aren't going anywhere. I usually have to beg my husband to help me peel them off after!

Damaris said...

awesome times, Mike!! you're running like a rockstar. keep it up, cause October's not far off. :)

Lisa said...

Nice track work on those repeats!