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Weekly Roundup

Running - a good week for me by number of days run, but not so much on total mileage. Next week is a big increase as my long, slow runs from now on will be 13 miles or more. It isn't so much about the time as it is the distance.

Most of my running compadres that I have come to know, respect and love are pretty much gone. I still have speedy AM and the Livesaver couple but that's it. Everyone else has flown to other parts to continue their successful lives. I will miss them but I do expect to stay in touch electronically through our respective blogs, FB, email and texting. Thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet.

In my personal running life - I am ready. I am willing to start this journey. I will complete this journey. Simply because I have nothing else to do. That is not a complaint (ok, maybe a little one) but it is just a simple fact. A fact that was forced on me, but a fact I am learning to accept and deal with.

Saturday was the great bonfire night with friends - old and new. Mother Nature tried to discourage us from playing with fire and getting together for good food, good drink and good conversation. My son showed up unexpectedly (a 10 hour drive from Ft. Bragg) and I was elated. I had no idea he was coming. It was great seeing him. He is becoming a man. A good man.

He will be married at the courthouse on Monday. I am not sure of when his new wife will be joining him at Ft. Bragg, but am sure it will be as soon as possible. I wish them all the happiness in the world and great success in their lives together.

I get training this week at work. Which roughly translates into a week of sluffing off. Most of the training will be review for me. It will be good winshield time for me driving back and forth. Lots of time to think and and sort out issues.

This week running I have a 6 mile tempo, mile repeats for track and a 13 mile slow run. All very doable. Plus my core and upper body workouts. I need to get this temple back in shape. Maybe a haircut too. I will let all of decide that. Vote in the comments.

Cut, leave, comb it, shave, dye.... I leave my fate in your capable hands.

Wednesday after track practice I will be at The Clark Bar. For those of you local, join me for some good, local singing/songwriting talent. Food isn't too bad either.

-the beginning of the end

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JoannaRuns said...

A few things:
1. I vote for cutting your hair. Although I would personally be entertained by seeing it in green, I doubt that's a very good idea.

2. So maybe you didn't get to your goal mileage last week, but it's ok ONLY because: a) training hadn't started yet, and b) you were sick on Friday. Stay motivated!! This week will be better.

3. They have ALL flown the coop? AHEM. Or maybe I didn't make the cut in your blog post because we're Frenemies now, as you informed me.

Running Around Acres said...

Ok, you have not officially flown the coop, but you are on limited time here in central Illinois. By the end of the month you will gone.

I am properly chastised and await your humble forgiveness.

And green would be doable if closer to Halloween.

Damaris said...

it's time for a cut, but i think you should go BLUE! :)

Marlene said...

Nice work in your running ... sounds like you are ready to tackle the challenges ahead!