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2.5 miles into run I have to quit. shin is killing me but I cannot risk injury. Have to see what tomorrow brings.

Tonite was my Tuesday run a day early as I can't make it tomorrow.
Scheduled run was tough -
1600m warmup
1600m @ 8.11
400m recovery
3200m @ 16.42
800m recovery
800m @ 3.57
400m recovery
800m @ 3.57
1600m cool down

That's a tough workout.

Of course, I did my warm up too fast. AGAIN!!! 8.50 warm up.

1600m in 8.01 close to the 8.11 but my last quarter was 1.54. Pretty fast quarter.

Started the 3200m and got about 300m in and shin and calf started killing me. SO I lumbered for another quarter but no better. Since i cannot risk injury (especially at my advanced age) I gave it up.

I'll push the pace at the TNT training on Wednesday.

the beginning of the end

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Unknown said...

i sure wish you lived here or I lived there...someone to push me, and for me to push....great job.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Smart move to stop, there's always tomorrow.

Marlene said...

Better to play it safe. I hope your shin feels better after a day of rest.

Katie said...

Hope the shin is holding up!