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Intervals are going Down

Or rather I did. I was scheduled to run 2 x 1200m @ 6.02 with 2 minute recovery, then 4 x 800m @ 3.58 with 2 minute recovery.

I went to the track and did my warmup mile. A little fast again - 9.15.15.
1st 1200m - 5.33.37 - way faster than a 6.02
2nd 1200m - 5.43.56 - not much better
1st 800m - 3.49.02 - good time, not too far from 3.58
2nd 800m - 3.48.82 - good again

I quit. I really did not feel good to start. Not that I was sick, achy or hurting. I ate a lot at lunch. My tummy was full. It didn't like be all jostled around that track. So, I quit instead of tossing my cookies. I was tired. Another sleepless night in C-U.

But am still happy I got done what I did get done. I will have to make it up and work really hard tomorrow night at the TNT track training.

beginning of the end

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Unknown said...

Very fast times on a full stomach....impressive.

Marlene said...

Nice intervals!

Ally said...

At least you got out there and did something and didn't give in to not feeling well before you even started. Good job!!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Hey, that sounds like something that I would do! That's why I love having the team running together.