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Kid Rock

Not running related, but I saw Kid Rock last night. It was an awesome show. Lynryd Synryd opened for them. Box seats with waitress service for drinks was pretty cool too.

Back to running.
Sunday I ran a pretty good 12 miles with Mentor Joanna from TNT. She pushed it pretty hard. 2 hours for 12 miles means that both of us should be able to run a sub 2 hour half. Missed my First training interval Tuesday due to the concert last night.

Tuesday morning I actually felt bad that I was going to miss my Tue workout. That has never happened to me before. I have to say it was interesting. Maybe I am finally becoming a runner.

Today we drove back from St. Louis and I helped a friend wire the new bedrooms in his house so I did not make the TNT interval training tonight. Tempo run tomorrow though and I will do it. Maybe I'll hit the track Friday for my interval. Haven't decided. Do I really want to tire myself out before Saturday's long run? Hmmm

Running is getting easier and I do feel I am getting better again. Still haven't decided on a marathon to finish out the year yet. Indianapolis, Detroit are both options.

the beginning of the end

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Carly said...

We are going to kid rock on Aug 29th. I am so excited! I am jealous on the box seats.

Rural Runner E said...

I love Kid Rock..I would love to see him in concert. I also love a group he introduced me to a few years ago: Uncle Kracker. 12 miles in 2 hours....great job.