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Purple Rain, purple rain

Yea, I know 80's. Went to TNT training at the track and cam e home and watch the last 30 minutes of Purple Rain. I miss the 80s. But Prince is/was a great musician, and yes, I liked his music and I saw him in concert.
Ok, now that I am done waxing over my past, back to running. I told the coach I was tired and not to kill me. Afterall, I am an alumni just showing up for moral support. I am not officially training for a TNT event. I go for moral support for the official trainers. I was tired from the mile repeats yesterday.

So he gives us 1200m repeats. Only 3 thank goodness. I warmed up. Not exceedingly fast, I am learning to slow down. 9.24 mile for a warmup. Still need to slow this down to 10 or 10.15, but I am getting better.

repeats -
1 - 5.02.98 - WTF??!! I am not a 6.45 miler. Repeat I am not a 6.45 miler. Slow down fo the next one.
2- 5.28.38 - ok, slower, but not anywhere near 6 minutes. Where it should be.
3 - 5.26.54 - I give up. What is wrong with my body. It doesn't listen to the brain anymore. The last 400 was 10 seconds faster than the first two. I am not trying to prove anything.

But damn was I pleased
and hurting
and severely out of breath
all that with 3 minutes rest in between the repeats.

I think my tempo run at 8:44 pace is really going to hurt tomorrow. But I wll give it a go. Note to self - the 2 easy miles that I have to run before the temp should be SLOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!! At least a 10.30 pace.

let me leave you with this link -

the beginning of the end

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Marlene said...

You nailed those 1200s! Great job!

And 3 hard runs this week - wow!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Remember, speed kills! Dude, you are flying.......... great job.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Great job with our track intervals!

Ally said...

You were kicking butt out there honey! Great job!!