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Thursday Tempo run

A nice tempo run this evening around 7:15 or so.

No the tempo wasn't a 7:15 pace.
Wouldn't that be awesome?
The time was 7:15 pm when I started.

Got going late since I had to work on a gate between the pastures again. Not sure how the horse will handle being separated from the goat. Last I saw, he was pacing up and down the pasture looking for his buddy. Apparently the goat has been butting the horse in the legs. Not sure if this is aggression or "come play,chase me".

Anyway, an hour of cross training on that tonight then off for my hilly tempo run. I get about 200 feet of ascent and descent over the 6 mile run. Most of it falls in about 1.5 miles that I get to run twice on the out and back.

6 miles - 2 easy, 3 @ 8.44 and 1 easy.

Mile 1 - 9.36.31 - better for a warm up, but think maybe a 9.45 - 10.00 is better
Mile 2 - 9.18.71 - basically done with the hills. what happened to easy
Mile 3 - 8.43.06 - can't get much closer to tempo pace
Mile 4 - 8.59.92 - slow, running out of gas
Mile 5 - 8.36.17 - all guts to get the tempo done
Mile 6 - 10.15.34 - more what the warm up should be

All in all a pretty good run. Tempo averaged 8.46 - so pretty close. Would have like to be on the under side but I'll take it. And a 6 mile average in 9.16. getting better.

Not sure what is on the schedule for the weekend besides hoping to see my daughter. She is so far ignoring my text.

Carry on my friends.
the beginning of the end

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