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Wednesday Track Practice

Well my schedule said to run another 16 x 400 meters. My last set of intervals before I start tempo miles next week. I really wasn't up to it so I did some internet research, because we all now internet people know it all. I came up with a plan that was still intervally but mixed things up a little.

So, I did - 6 x 300, 4 x 400 and 8 x 200. I am beat. This was harder than last week. It was less distance - only 500 meters compared to 6400 meters. Damn, do my legs hurt. But damn, I was good. Maybe bordering on great. 

Great? Yes, great. You have to remember your greatness is only compared to yourself. Not to others. And I think I was great earlier tonight.

300's - 1:15 or less
Set 1 - 1:05
Set 2 - 1:05
Set 3 - 1:07
Set 4 - 1:05
Set 5 - 1:09
Set 6 - 1:05
Average - 1:06

400's - 1:40 or less
Set 1 - 1:44
Set 2 - 1:31
Set 3 - 1:33
Set 4 - 1:30
Average - 1:34.5

200's - 45 sec or less
Set 1 - 35.00
Set 2 - 37.41
Set 3 - 39.71
Set 4 - 37.87
Set 5 - 38.03
Set 6 - 41.33
Set 7 - 36.59
Set 8 - 39.65
Average - 38.20

Overall - 5000 meters at a 5:48 mile pace. That gives me an 18 minute 5k. My previous best is just over 24. Of course there were several minutes of recovery time between sets, but something to dream about. We all needs dreams. 

Did I say that I hurt? I really do. I haven't hurt like this in a long time. Got to give the girlfriend kudos. She was ready to rub whatever hurt and feed me and get me whatever my little heart desired. A little bit of food, a carb drink and my jammies and off to bed soon.

The way I feel 6 am is going to be too early. 
Next week - 4 miles at 8:50 - 9:00 pace. A continuous run. 
Not really sure I can handle that pace. Especially on a 200 meter track.
I think I can do a 9:30 pace for 4 miles.
Everyone here has told me not to worry.
Break it down in one mile chunks or less.
I'm really not worried.
I just know my limits.
But I will try.
And I thank you.

Oh, by the way. Saturday is my official first coaching duty for Team in Training. I am really jacked about this. I hope I honor the spirit of TNT and do well by my walkers and runners. Any advice TNT Coach Ken?

Run on all.

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Sonia said...

How's the toe??? Good job on the intervals! That was fast! =)

I'm sure Ken will be very helpful regarding BEvERages to serve your runners LOL

Marlene said...

Nice splits!

Ally said...

Yes you were beat and you were hurting a bit, but YOU did it! Good job honey!! I'll always be there to catch you in the end.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Art, Sonia is right, but after their events! All I can say is be yourself, the passion that you display in your writing surely will be evident in your coaching. Remember, you can't be in all places at one time. You'll figure out which participants need more love than others. Good luck on Saturday.

lindsay said...

right on pace! well, better than it for the most part :)

tempo runs are not bad! you'll do fine!! have fun on your first day 'on the job' this weekend