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First long run in weeks

... or trying not to become a kite.

Yes, I decide to do a long run with my team. They were doing 4 miles and I wanted to go 12. I got there early to run some before my team. I was joined by 2 spring team members going 16. So we started into the wind.

That wind was nasty. Whisting through a funnel over trees at us it was all we could do stay upright.
1.24 miles into the wind and then 1.24 miles flying back to the start point. My quarter mile splits were as much as 3 minutes/mile different. Then PJ says, "Let's do this side again". So back into the wind. 4.8 miles on the open prairie with the wind teaing our faces off.

My team showed about 10 minutes later and I suggested to them that they run the east of the park. It is very wooded and the asphalt path is very protected. So off we went. There were a few places where the wind caught us , but generally pretty nice. So another almost 7 miles went down. I kept my watch running while I chatted or poured Gatorade for my team and it showed 11.61 miles in 2:07:10.

A 10:57/mile pace. 
Good time with the wind.
Good time with the stops. 

Legs are tired, but my breathing actually returned to normal fairly quickly. I have been noticing that allot lately. Even on speed nights. I am tired, but the huffing doesn'last like it used to. 

I am getting in shape.
Now I am thinking about some type of weightlifting or core work. 
It will make my running more efficient.
Any of you got some extra time to give me?

It's all about the time isn't?  Next week I want to run 3 days. I need more mileage and more time on my feet. Man, I wish it was spring.

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Marlene said...

That wind sounds like something else - way to get through it with a decent time too!

Isn't it such a great feeling to notice improvement in your recovery for runs like this? Must be doing somwething right.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Good job on your long run! Wind or no wind!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Great job with the wind and thanks for sending it my way! You know sleep is really overrated, so stay woke and exercise. Ha

Katie said...

Brrrrrr!!!! Way to face that wind!

Tony "the big fat loser" said...

Great job, bro'. go get a set of kettle balls and do the core routine I blogged about. It hits all body parts, quickly!

Ally said...

Good job honey! Even though you were worn out fighting that wind, you did it!! That is what counts!