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Monday Workout

Monday I thought I would try a tempo run since that is what is scheduled for Wednesday night. 4 miles at 8:50 pace. It was dark, but since I am the only house on the country road, it should have been all good. I could only see my watch at two places on the road - at my driveway and at the other end by the airport radar tower.

So I took off, feeling good, feeling fast. I ran downhill. I forgot that the road is uphill for 4 tenths of a mile to my house. Turned around and ran uphill and then I repeated the process again. Then I died.

I ran 1.55 miles in 13:27. An 8:40 pace. Wednesday is going to be difficult.

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lindsay said...

it's hard when you can't see your watch to know what kind of pace you are running, especially on your first efforts at a new pace. don't give up yet. some days will be slower than goal-pace and some will be faster. that's the point of these runs - to get your body used to the quicker pace!