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A deep hole in my backward that supplies me with water.
A sigh, a feeling of you really don't know.

I'm going with the first one. The weekend was great. I got no running in, but I got good company all weekend that I haven't had in awhile. I had my brain cleansed and a little bit of my soul as well. It was a good weekend. I did not get to meet SB but that is OK too.

I did not get a lot done on the kitchen or TV room project, but I got a lot of the next planning steps done. The next big kitchen project should be done by final four time.

The weather is starting to lighten up in central Illinois and soon my winter seasonal disorder should start to fade away. Still not sleeping well, but hopefully that ends soon.

Not much to day while I am at work. Maybe more later.

-the beginning of the end

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