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Penguin in the Park


5K race this Saturday. I haven't run a 5k in years. I am hoping I am not too far behind that I get lost. I am looking forward to a short race. And getting the chance to listen to John Bingham afterwards is always a good thing.

Goal? You ask. Yes, there is one. Multiple goals actually. Speaking of goals, how are your goals? Are they progressing nicely throughout this first quarter of the year? Mine are off, but then I really hate the treadmill and cold weather. I am hoping that my running picks up with nicer weather starting to wind it's way slowly into central Illinois.

Oh, you wanted to know my goal time for the race. Why didn't you say so the first time? Did I tell you the story about my furnace? No, don't want to hear it. Fine....

Goal - 27.00 - Must have this time or better. Will feel bad and dejected with no one to hug me if I do not make it.

Goal -  26.21 - An 8.30 pace would be fantastic.  I wouldn't feel dejected, but I would still want the hug. After all I am just a man and hugs from women are awesome. 

Goal - 24.42 - 8 flat. Most likely impossible. I can run that fast but not for 3 miles, let alone for a 5k. And I still want the hug.

Click slightly to the right over there --> Penguin in the Park and register for the race. It is in Decatur, IL and they allow race day entry. 9am start time so I do not have to leave too terrible early in the morning. Come join me, come watch me start and then finish, then give me a hug. 

Hugs everyone 

So Monday  I ran a 5k at lunch. I bitched about the cold and now I think it might be too hot to run. The Running Doc is going to slap me for that statement. But it was miserable out there. Of course going from mid 40s to 70s in one day does not give time for much acclimation. So maybe I can do it again next time it is that warm. Tomorrow it goes back to mid 40s again for at least a week.

I also have to say that I ran the 5k severely fast for a man of my limited talents. No time, but it was squarely in the middle of what I want to run on Saturday.

Let's see what the weekend brings.

- the beginning of the end

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Joanna said...

I think you can definitely come in around an 8:30 pace safely. Keep your feet turning quickly. And yes, I'm going to electronically slap you for saying that the 70s is too warm to run. Think of those 90+ evenings on the track and SUCK IT UP. Good luck on the race! Was the Warrior Dash a 5k?