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Work. Need I say more?

Been a helluva long day. I know time does not slow down, but today it sure seemed like it. One of those days where not a lot got down but a lot really did. I did a lot of research and documentation and my team did a lot of configuration in VM land.

This is good. But damn am I tired. It is a non-run day. 
Nothing scheduled.
Nada. Zippo.

Friday is supposed to be a nice day. I think I will try to make my run another lunch run. It's only 6 miles, but if the wind isn't to bad I'll run the 7.5 mile layout from the office. It is pretty flat and not too car busy. 

Tomorrow is also payday. Woo hoo. Got bills to pay. 

I have been toying with an idea to run a marathon in April and it isn't the Illinois marathon. The weekend of this marathon I have a 20-22 mile schedule training run. I am just not sure about driving home after a marathon. A 6.5 hour drive. A drive made even longer by having to stop at every rest area to stretch my legs. A drive that may require loads of caffeine to stay awake.

Plus there is the day off work to drive there. The hotel, dinner, drinks, loneliness. Then there is the time zone change - it is an hour earlier. And did I mention the drive back. The long drive back.

Sounds like hell to me. Anyone want to be a designated driver? I'm willing to cover costs. I'm willing to meet someone most anywhere along the way that can drive me most of the way back. With some sleep afterwards I should be able to make it the rest of the way.

Anyone? Anyone?

-the beginning of the end

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Look at you, running and thinking of a Spring marathon.......