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Keys words for life. No, apparently my butt dialed in an infomercial for beautiful, healthy skin. It appears to Joan Lunden that all ladies need a skin cream to counteract your hormonal aging that starting in your twenties. Quick, buy Murad Resurgence now!!!

In this respect I am glad I'm a man.

Channel change. Assaying. Me and Mrs. Jones. We got to be extra careful. I want to meet you at the same place, same time.... Sing it Billy Paul.

New books came into me from the mailman ( not sexist here, I have seen the dude and he is all man). Ok, that sounds creepy.

Machine of Death is a collection of short stories. Read the link. They also (editors) pissed off Glen Beck so there is another reason to buy and read it.

I also have Rachel Toor's "Personal Record". She is an ultra marathoner, senior writer for Running Times, has a pet rat (not code for husband), intelligent and gifted. A great writer.

A third came in as well but for the life of me, nay, for the life of a cockroach I simply cannot remember it at present. I'll get to it later. Also look for reviews of these books upcoming after I have finished them.

"only the beginning" by Chicago is on the tv music channel. It reminds me that this is only the beginning. Reminds me that all of us should sometimes remember this. Whatever maybe ailing you, troubling you, this is only the beginning. It will get better, I hope. I can't promise that. But I can hope for it. Let's be positive. It's only the beginning.

With that I am going to try and take my own advice. It is only the beginning. Things will get better. Warmer weather is coming. Running will get easier. I have a home that I love. I have awesomely great friends, both close and far. What more could I ask for?

Since I have meandered around for a few minutes typing this and you have dutifully followed it this far I shouldn't disappoint. You need another bit of randomness. Skins - an MTV production. Check it out. Why can't MTV go back to showing music videos? Cue Dire Straits...

- the beginning of the end

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