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Down in the Dumps

Well, I'm beat, I'm depressed, I'm no good, I'm worthless, I'm confused, I'm scared, I'm a loser. I'm sorry.

I really am sorry. I thought I conceeded, acknowledged, admitted, said it, blogged it, worte it. But I can find no where that I did. In my mind I did own up to it. Apparently my body betrayed my mind and did not do it. For that I hope that I can be forgiven. I hope that you can forgive me.

What did I do? Again? What haven't I done? But this time I betrayed someone. Did not give them their rightful repsect, praise, acknowledgemnt, congratsulation.

I did none of that and for that I should be chastised, flayed, flogged, beaten, whipped, spanked, punished, ignored, shunned, kicked out of society.

Will you forgive me Running Doc?
Yes, you are right. Was there any doubt? I did not mean to take anything from you. You won the challenge, the smack down, bragging rights. You out ran me a fe weeks ago.

But I really thought I had posted that as a comment on your site. Guess I was wrong. Again.

She ran 29.5 miles.
I ran 28.1 miles.

Here it is print. Indelible on servers somewhere. Forever here. I hope that all my fellow/fellowine (female fellows) can forgive me as well. Most importantly I hope Running Doc can forgive. Find it in her heart to understand that I am just a man. A lousy man.

On another note I ran 7.5 miles or so at lunch today. Really easy going out with a 15mph  wind at my back. Coming back was a bee-aatch. All I could do to hold a 10 minute pace into the wind. But it is done.

Now just a short 3 miler tonight and done running for the day.

- the beginning of the end

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Tony "the big fat loser" said...

Wow...dude, that's quite the lengthy confession. Have Usher on your ipod today or something?

Damaris said...

I still think you're a rockstar. We all make mistakes :) and the running doc is pretty forgiving. I mis your face, Coach.