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Corner Office and Track Practice

This will soon be MINE!!!! All mine.
Yes, I get to move into the corner office. I will have windows on two sides so all my adoring fans can come look at me.

Track practice was outdoors last night and it was beautiful. I had them run 5 sets of 2 minutes fast and then 2 minutes slow. Constant movement. JG was extremely awesome. She is becoming our star. Everyone else is looking up to her.

My Fighting Illini held off a great shooting team in Stoneybrook last night during first round NIT action. Now we get Kent State on Monday. It should be a good game.

-the beginning of the end

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JoannaRuns said...

I like being "extremely awesome." It's a good way to live. And being a star. Oh yeah.


But it was a good workout. Except that dude, who got creepier after you left.

Damaris said...

JG's a ROCKSTAR!!! She can't even help it. :)
Congrats on the corner office - it's pretty sweet!