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LSD and coaching

Coached again and had 75% of my team from TNT show up. That made me feel awesome.

AD is still nursing a stress fracture on the side of her foot and took it pretty easy for her 6 mile run. SA showed up. She was actually in town for a change. Apparently her job sends her often but she has been a walker/runner for awhile and is doing fine. PW is doing good on his walk/jog routine to get in his time and mileage.

Everyone is looking good. I have high hopes for this group.

I only had 2 alum show up. Speedster AB, I mean AM, ran a 10k in 53minutes. Correct me if I am wrong butwasn't she complaining about being slow and not running for 3 or 4 months due to her wedding. If that is slow, I got to get her to do a marathon. I see a 3.30 in the girl.

JG came out for her 14 miler. Detroit in October will be her first marathon. I think Detroit needs warning. She is going to kick ass.

"Hey Detroit, look the frak out. JG is coming to town."

She is doing really well. I paced alongside her for company on last 6.5 miles or so. Humidityand an upset stomach got to her, but she gutted it all out. Of course, she called me out on my low calorie Gatorade. You know I just grab what is on the shelf and don't pay any attention. She did. She wanted CALORIES. She wanted ENERGY. Ok, ok, I'm sorry.

All in all it was a great TNT day. Again congrats to all and thanks for coming out.

So, in my news then, I got another 9 miles in and made it 15 for the week. Compared to 7.5 for the previous two weeks combined, I am calling that a good start back to running. I still havn't decided if I am going to race in October or not. I have had calls for both Indianapolis and Detroit. But don't know. Hotel prices scare me.

Hopefully next week will be bigger and better mileage. I am still doing my other workout as well. I have learned to new moves. I really hope this helps my inflexible flexibility and some core strenghtening.

the beginning of the end

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Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

coming back from an injury a bit slow is smart. Dont' ramp up toooo fast.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Okay, we'll be on the lookout for JG in October.... I know how you feel when you get a good turn out for a training run. Must be the coach!

Anonymous said...

Haha, now that's what I call a shout out! I'm considering an entire post on the merits of full calorie Gatorade. :)

Marlene said...

Take it easy - not too much too soon! But good luck!

Sounds like you have a great team.