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I have to brag!!!!

Bragging comes second - so either read the rest or scroll to the bottom of post.

TNT Wednesday track practice was yesterday. On Wednesday. Today is Thursday. The day after Wednesday. Ok, now that I have taught you some of the weekdays and their generally accepted order, back to the post.

It was hot (80 degrees) and humid (69%). I'm not lying. Go to and use a zip code of 61801 and look it up. The track was busy.

Another track club
A group of young marines
A group of even younger high school kids
A group of older adults
A few individuals as well

The usually crowd was there for TNT. We decided on 3 x1200m with 2-3 minutes recovery rest. I and JG took off at our normal 8 minute pace and ran the first two 1200s aound 5.53 - 5.54. PJ and KS were slightly behind and both ran great. KS pushed his first two hard. PJ couldn't count laps and made the middle 1200 a 1600. She must have missed the lap counting day at school.

JG has been having a few IT band issues and it seems to be geting worse. I feel for her because she is training for a marathon in October and is really gunning for it. She has been pushing all of her runs hard. Makes me a little proud, I have to admit, knowing that I have had a little part in her training. I think I have pushed her at the track workouts and gave her some encouragement in her long runs.

Say it with me internet people - "Bad, bad IT band. Straighten your lame-ass muscle out and let her run free. Free like a kid with no worries."

Hope it feels better now JG.

So after track, I was bad. I did go for a beer. But now for the bragging part. I got an email at 4:21 am. When I saw that it was from Chicago, I thought, well at least they are telling all of us who is going. So I did not look at it. I got up, showered, dressed and ate. I had to know though - wait you have no idea what I am talking about.

This was the email telling us who is going to each of the 4 wonderful TNT marathon events for the winter season. We have -
St. Petersburg Half
Honolulu marathon
Disney half and full
RNR Phoenix half and full

Yes, this was that email. And to be quite honest there have been a lot of changes in the way TNT operates here in the Land of Lincoln. changes that a lot of us alums, coaches and mentors aren't quite happy or sure of. Myself included. There has been a lot of 'constructive' criticism ging on. But apparently they have taken it all as constructive.

This email at 4.21am told me that I had been chosen to be a traveling coach at one of the events.
Yes, I, Coach Mike, person of great rapport with all animals, wannabe marathoner has become a Chosen One.
I have been chosen to be the on-course coach for (drum roll please - ok, stop making that drumming noise in your head now) (you know you were - don't deny it) the Disney Half marathon.

But wait, if call right now in the next 10 minutes - I aslo get to stay an extra day and become a "certified TNT coach". Taught by none other than the great running Jack Daniels ( Not sure what certification gets me, but I bet it makes me better, which will be good for my TNT participants. The last training I went to in Chicago helped alot, I am sure this will help too.

So, now this means that I have to start training harder, more miles to accomadate this trip.

the beginning of the end

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TNTcoach Ken said...

I thought LeBron was the 'Chosen One', Ha. Congrats on going to Disney, but is it just the 1/2? I had to do both races when I went. There is a lot of valuable information to bring back from the certification clinics. You really get a chance to interact with the other coaches also.

Running Around Acres said...

Just the half. They are sending another coach for the full as well. But they don't want me to run the full on my own, just in case. Unfortunate, I was looking forward to adding another state to my list.

JPG05 said...

As in THE Jack Daniels who is always giving advice in Runners World? THAT Jack Daniels? Consider me 100% jealous. That's friggin' awesome.

JPG05 said...

Oh, and thank you for the IT band cheers. We'll know tomorrow if it heard you. I did squats and lunges last night and stretch like 4 times a day. Could take a few weeks though...

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

congrats. sounds like a great opportunity

Rural Runner E said...

Congratulations are in order....and I am JEALOUS. Very cool, very cool.