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Day 1 of my other workout

I ran twice this week so far. Wednesday for TNT track practice. And Thursday a quick 2 miles in 85 degree heat.

Since I am coaching TNT now, I ran my intervals before them. It is really hot at 5pm. Scheduled run was 1000m, 2000m, 1000m, 1000m with 400m recovery. I was close to the scheduled time but slow on the last two 1000s.
Scheduled run
1000m @ 4.59, 2000m @ 10.19, 1000m @ 4.59, 1000m @ 4.59

Actual -
1000m @ 4.36 - way too fast
2000m @ 10.16 - right on the money - tired though
1000m @ 5.10 - tough, so tired
1000m @ 5.05 - hung but a little slow

made it. finished. hotter than hell

intervals - 3.15 miles @ 25.07.62 7.59 pace
total - 4.04 miles @ 40.40.04 10.05 pace

Now the alums that came out for practice, who ran the same intervals, were tough. They ran the same intervals and ran the last two 1000s in 4.35 and 4.36. Smokin'.

Thursday was supposed to be a 6 mile tempo. Once again I started out fast, so I changed the plan to a fast 2 mile run. I managed to hold an 8.36 pace on my gently rolling 2 mile home run.

Not bad. I might change my tempos to try and get and extra 1/4 mile or more at that pace each week. Not sure yet.

Thanks for reading my internet peeps. Bed now as I ave TNT coaching in the morning and then my own 14 mile run. Maybe a 2.30 or less.

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