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Saturday training

God it was awful. I went out with a few friends on Friday and toss a few down. Then a few more and a few more. Saturday came and I was forcibly kicked, pulled and cajoled out of bed. I went to LOW and tried to run.

I did try.
Approximately 5 miles later I was done. 13 miles short of my scheduled run. My head hurt. I was bad on Friday night and I paid for it Saturday morning.

This week I hope to do better and really excel on Saturday at the Indy half. I really believe that a 2:20 is in the cards. I am going to try.

And on another greater note a great kid went into Madison over the weekend and participated in his first tournament of his Hwang Do career (something like TaeKwan Do). He was second in waepons and sparring. I think we have a little Bruce Lee on our hands.

Congrats again big man, Zachary "Lee" Hooker.

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Tony "the big fat loser" said...

Good luck this weekend, my friend.