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Wednesday Track Practice Tonite

Tonite is track practice again but we are at the Urbana High School track. A full 400 meters. We are doing some dancing, skipping and general form techniques tonite. Woo hoo. Me skipping.

Last Saturday was supposed to be a 16 miler, but with the rain and wind I skipped out. I was also in Kewanee for my uncles funeral.

I do have results from last Wednesday track run though. Something I am proud of. Only THREE miles but the first one was a 9:03. Yes, that is 9 minutes and 3 seconds for a - ok, only a 1600 meter run, but damn it good enough for me. Besides it is only 30.6 feet shy of a mile.

Then mile 2 - 10:44
Mile 3 - 10:41

Still I was happy.

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