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Wednesday workout

Yep, another Wednesday, another speed type workout.
Wednesday - WED NES DAY why such a long strange word for the middle of the work week. And most people leave the D out - WENSDAY. Weird huh??!!

anyway, sorry I got distracted... Again a speed workout. 1 mile warmup, then 5 200's then a few 400's mixed in with some sprinting with Randy.

Now Randy, I got to tell you about this joker. Sandbagger is more like it. Ran with him (more like got my ass sprinted off by him) for awhile. He's like - "We should run a 50 or a 100" in the middle of our 200's. What is he crazy? Damn st. Joe guys.

But hey, it was a great workout and yes, Randy is a runnner!

But now I have to brag. My warmups the last 3 weeks have not exactly been warmups. I have been testing myself during the 1 mile warmup. seeing what I can do. Last week was a 9:03 and I was extremely happy.

This week I would have to say frackin delirous. (note the Battlestar galactica reference)
1 mile
ok - 1600 meters (another 9.344 meters to be a mile - 30 feet 7 inches)

uh huh, that's right, you got it - under 8 minutes for the MILE. Another PR!!!

so here goes.
warmup 7:59:19 (here's the splits 2.05.78/201.62/201.61/1.50.18
200 - 52.45
recover (200 meters) - 1.57
200 - 40.36
recover - 2.09
200 - 47.70
recover - 2.02
200 - 43.53
recover (400 jog) - 2.53
400 - 2.33
200 - 47.73
recover - 3.01
400 - 2.10
recover - 3.20
100 - 15.87
then 2 laps jogging

not bad....

but my calves will be tight tomorrow. I can already feel a little bit of stiffening now. And man, do I stink.

Saturday's run you ask? (groan) 18 miles. With the Indy half marathon being a little over 9 days away as I right this, I may not run all of it. I reallly dont want to kill myself and have nothing for Indy. My best half was Mahomet in 2005 in 2:21. I would like to be beat as the ultimate, but I will be really happy with a 2:29:59.

see ya Saturday or Sunday...

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Ally said...

whoo whoo whoo whoo!!! You big stud!!

Tony "the big fat loser" said...

What she said!! way to go boy!

Running Around Acres said...

So the bug fat loser thinks I am a stud. Can't wait to catch him alone on the road. hehehe