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Yes, I skipped last night. It was happy, joyous, gay skipping. But uncoordinated me managed to do it without falling down.

skipping, scissors steps, high steps and butt kicks are fairly strenuous types of movements.

We walk the curves and then do the straights with one of the above.

1 mile warm up. 9:22 (not much of a warm up. pretty fast pace that I can only do for a mile or so)
1 lap of each of the above (another mile)
1 lap of 2 of the above (1 straight for 1 type of humiliation) (half mile)
2 laps of cool down (ran with coach, probably 10 - 11 minute pace)

Not a bad workout. Recovery was quick though the exercises did streeeeeetch out the muscles. Today I have a little tightness in the calves and the small of my back.

This Saturday is an 80 minutes run. Maybe I can get 8 miles in. Is that pushing it? Probably! Should I try it? Not really sure here. Maybe??!! 7 miles should be easy (11:30 pace)

PS - Remeber to take watch Saturday. More accurate than phone.

Lets see what happens on Saturday. A great run may mean wonders come Indy. Afterall, I looked up some old races and the Mahomet Halk Marathon of 2005 has been my best of 2:21. I really want to beat that. Did I write that down? Don't copy thatr information.

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Ally said...

You're on the right track by getting your training in! You can do whatever you set your mind to! I'm behind you every step of the way...well from a cozy place where I'm not running, but I'm there for you!!

Tony "the big fat loser" said...

keep up the good work, boy. I am certain that your skipping was gracefully accomplished.