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Wednesday Training - April 30

Running in circles again
But it has helped
I am faster
I can run a mile better
I recover faster

We were told to run a timed 5k. I aimed for under 30 minutes. They has been hard for me to do.
I ran 28:25. And did not feel bad.

My next 5k goal will be just under 27 minutes

Times for each lap is pretty good for me. Lap 5 is where I walked after blowing out a 8.16.56 first mile. I have been trying to keep my first mile close to 8 minutes (if I can) and then relaxing a little on the rest of the workout. Probably not too good for me, but mentally it does me wonders.

But truly the whole workout was good and I haven't done a sub 30 5k in a long time.

Saturday is the Indy half marathon and I hope to break my time from last year. Looking at 2 hours 25 minutes or less.

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