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Catch up time

After the Indy mini and my crestfallen heart after getting drubbed by Mr. Elliott by 11 seconds, my blogging has been nil. So now I catch up.

Wednesday following Indy (May 7), it was raining and I did not bring appropriate clothes, so I skipped. Did I make it up on the treadmill, you ask. Silly people, of course not.

Saturday, May 10, was to be an 20 mile run. I went to LOW and managed to eke out about 9.26 miles at a great 10 minute pace. And then my body fell apart. Rather than risk injury or just dropping alongside the trail, I slipped home. After a shower and food (lots of food) I felt much better.

Wednesday, May 14, was a pretty good track workout. We did a few specialized 100's, scissor kicks, strides, high stepping and butt kicks. Then Vicki made me do mile repeats for 3 miles. Tiring, but felt better. Miles were 8:16, 9:46 and 9:06 for a total of 27:08. Probably a new best for me.

Saturday, May 17, was the Buffalo 5 mile Trail run at LOW on the west side. This was run with (ok, behind my son - Jacob) and my woman Allyson (Ally did the 2 mile walk). Going down the first hill we knew it would be wet, but not how wet. At one point we slogged through 6 or 7 inches of water that took about 10 strides to get through. Nasty stuff. Good thing it was warm.

But I did great, ran a 48:33 for a 9:45 pace. All I wanted was a 10 minute pace. It was a struggle and probably walked more than I should. The last mile was against the wind and it showed. Jake ran a respectable 42 something, but he needs to start running for cross country. He was a hurting on Sunday. Myself I felt fine on Sunday. Must slowly be getting used to this.

Now I just have to pick up more days a week to run, but who has the time. With the kitchen still not even close to being done. But that's another story, for another blog.

So hopefully, tonite I will plant three fruit trees, so a little drywall and then hit the treadmill for 3 miles.

That's the goal.

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