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Getting close

Alaska is three weeks away.
Nerves are starting to set in.
I know I'll finish, but will I be happy.
My goal - under 5 hours.
My coaches goal - 4:40 - dreamer.

I don't know.
I'll set one later.

Anyway, last Saturday I ran long (15.4 miles or so) right at an 11 minute pace. Good job to me. Exactly what I wanted. A slower pace for something left over at then end. Most of the time I felt great. It was awesome having Allyson around for handing water or gatorade or gels to me. I would not have made it without her. Too bad she isn't going to Alaska, but then she couldn't be there every two miles either. I didn't eat much the morning of the run and that proved disastrous. At 14 miles I fell apart. I need food in the morning. The gels were not enough. Got to get breakfast in me before Alaska.

Recovery was pretty quick. I napped for a few hours and then went to work on the kitchen. I worked on Sunday and Monday as well. Not at a great frantic pace, but I was up, very little stiffness.

Training has helped my recovery drastically.

And my speed.

Last night (Wednesday track practice) we ran (me and the summer group) three 1200's. I was consistent and quick. I ran 5:27, 5:21 and 5:32. About a 7:20 mile pace. Awesome for me. This time last year, those times would be around 7:30 for the 1200 and a 10 minute mile pace. No exaggeration there. I have improved.

With a lot of kudoes to Ally and others.

Saturday is 90 minutes of running that I will do up in the Uttica, Il area as I will be camping and hiking around Starved Rock Park. Not going to push anything, just an easy 8 or 9 miles.

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